5 Unique Things to Do in Moose Pass, Alaska

Moose Pass AlaskaBefore their arrival, a lot of guests ask us, “so, where is Moose Pass, Alaska?” Well, we’re 28.3 miles straight north of Seward, Alaska, in the heart of the jaw-dropping Chugach National Forest, to be exact. Moose Pass, Alaska, is a quiet, idyllic small town that’s fully encircled by dreamlike bodies of water, such as Kenai Lake, Trail Lakes, and Crescent Lake, three of the most beautiful destinations in the world. And, of course, Trail Lake Lodge is conveniently located near all of the deep wilderness excitement, including world-class salmon fishing, breathtaking hiking trails, and exhilarating ATV adventures. But don’t forget about our village’s many unique, often-overlooked features.

Underrated Things to Do in Moose Pass, Alaska

While most of our guests typically spend their days hooking monster salmon, cruising alongside awe-inspiring glaciers, and observing wild animals, we recommend venturing into town for a healthy dose of history, beauty, and fun. To ensure that your well-deserved escape to peaceful Moose Pass, Alaska, is nothing short of flawless, we’ve compiled five of our favorite underrated activities within minutes of Trail Lake Lodge.

  1. Moose Pass Summer Solstice Festival — Annually, on the third weekend of June, locals and travelers alike gather in Moose Pass, Alaska, to celebrate the summer solstice. Visitors can participate in live auctions and raffles while also dining on local eats and sipping craft beer. There will also be art, games for kids, a bake sale, and live music.
  2. Trail Lakes Hatchery — For those who’re curious about where many of our plumb coho and sockeye salmon come from, plan a visit to the Trail Lakes Hatchery. The Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association operates this 35-year-old facility in an effort to maintain stable (and thriving) salmon populations in several nearby bodies of water, including Resurrection Bay, Bear Lake, and Bear Creek.
  3. Ed Estes’ Historic Waterwheel — You likely won’t spend an exuberant amount of time at this roadside attraction, but Ed Estes’ waterwheel is one of the lone surviving artifacts from the early settlers. A hand-carved sign at the site reads, “Moose Pass, Alaska, is a peaceful, little town. If you have an ax to grind, do it here.” Hunters (and residents) can sharpen their knives at this one-of-a-kind shrine.
  4. Moose Pass AlaskaWildlife at Tern Lake — Because Kenai Lake and Crescent Lake are so undeniably breathtaking, many folks forget about picturesque Tern Lake. There’s perhaps no better place on the Kenai Peninsula to spot mew gulls, trumpeter swans, bald eagles, and Arctic terns amidst glorious, snow-capped mountains. If you’re lucky, you’ll also observe foraging moose, feasting brown bears, busy beavers, wily muskrats, and brave mountain goats during your visit.
  5. Crown Point Mine Trail — Crown Point is so much more than an eye-popping, visually-striking hiking trail. It’s actually the tallest mining trail in Alaska. Hikers often stumble across century-old mining paraphernalia during the six-mile journey. As you might expect, the mountain views from 3,900 feet above sea level will leave you truly breathless.

Romantic Getaways in Alaska: Trail Lake Lodge

Over the past couple of decades, Trail Lake Lodge has evolved into one of the premier romantic getaways in Alaska, primarily because of our scenic locale, first-rate hospitality, and fully customizable packages. Not only do we provide eager guests with quintessential Alaska fishing trips, but packages can also include Kenai Fjords cruises, ziplining, horseback riding, and so much more! To learn more about beautiful Moose Pass, Alaska, please give us a call today at 1-907-288-3101.