What You’ll Need to Start Fly Fishing in Alaska

By now, most people have tried out fishing at least once in their lifetime. If you’ve happened to stumble upon this blog, there’s a fair chance you’ve spent a good deal of time on the water; you probably consider yourself a fishing enthusiast. Take a moment to reminisce about the days past. You and your angling allies spent hours fishing from spot to spot, without a care in the world, outside of who was buying pizza that night.  As timeless and meaningful as those youthful moments are, most of us weren’t spey casting for wily trout. You see, fly fishing in Alaska takes even more patience and practice than standard angling. And frankly, a lot of people these days don’t have the attention span for it. Coupled with the necessary persistence, is the relatively high level of involvement associated with the gear you’ll need. 

A Beginner’s Gear List for Kenai River Fly Fishing

There are many useful accessories that you’ll want while battling the currents of the Kenai River. Most Kenai Peninsula guide services will provide you with adequate gear for your outing. However, even if you hire a guide for your Alaska fishing trip, fly fishing tends to be addicting, so you’ll want equipment for your home waters. 

Rod and Reel Combination

A rod and reel combo seems like a reasonably obvious necessity for fly fishing in Alaska, but what this comes down to is finding something that you like. Medium action rods tend to be great for beginners because you can still feel nibbles without the startling nature of a light action rod. Reels can be a little more challenging to narrow down, but one simple rule is, bigger fish need bigger reels. The most critical aspect of choosing a combo is making sure they synchronize well

Fishing Hat and Polarized Sunglasses

Protection from the sun is a lot more crucial for fly fishing in Alaska than people may think. Polarized sunglasses not only keep the sun out of your eyes, but they also make it easier to detect fish below the surface of the water. Fishing hats help shield you from the sun and make your polarized lenses more effective. Furthermore, Alaskan summers are the harbinger of pesky biting insects, and it’s incredible how much a good fishing hat can protect you. The last thing any angler wants is to be fighting with black flies, gnats, and mosquitos while perfecting their cast.

Flies and Waders

Flies and waders seem like another reasonably straightforward complement to your fishing arsenal, but the crux of this message is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to find something above adequate. As you improve your skill and repertoire, your needs will change, but for now, an average pair of chest-high waders and a small collection of flies will be more than enough to accompany you as you begin fly fishing in Alaska. 

Your Basecamp for Fly Fishing in Alaska

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