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We are very pleased that you are interested in employment opportunities at Trail Lake Lodge in scenic Moose Pass, Alaska! There is a great deal of information surrounding working location, pay, housing availability and general employment policies contained below. Please review and consider this information vary carefully before making your application decision.

Is a position working in Alaska at Trail Lake Lodge for you?

  • Centrally located between Seward & Cooper Landing on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula.
  • Quiet, mountainous atmosphere and lakeside setting.
  • Comfortable on-site employee housing available.
  • Regular transportation to Seward available at no cost to employees.
  • Numerous hiking trails within close proximity.
  • Five day work week.

A summer or long-term position at Trail Lake Lodge offers many life-long benefits and rewards. If you have not lived or worked in Alaska before, you will find the experience, the landscape and the new personal relationships you establish to be very unique and rewarding. The summer months bring thousands of vacationing tourists from all over the United States and the world to this region each year. Tourism is our core business. Many visitors from outside of Alaska will agree that once you have visited Alaska, you never mentally go all the way back home. A part of your Alaska experience will stay with you for a lifetime.

Although absolutely beautiful, working in Alaska may not be for everyone. Employment at Trail Lake Lodge in Moose Pass, Alaska may be for you if:

If you are looking for a unique experience, working for and around employers and employees who truly care about you.

Enjoy working in a rural lakeside and mountainous setting 30 miles from the next larger town.
thrive on outdoor activities such as hiking numerous nearby trails, canoeing, fishing, animal viewing or nature photography to name a few during your time off.

You consider yourself a true team player who is willing to give whatever necessary of yourself to accomplish the objectives of the business,

Then this opportunity may be just what you are looking for you rnext adventure and life experience. We are proud of the work we do and of our lodge and hope you will share in this pride.

The purpose of this employment description is to answer as many of the questions you may have about the policies, practices and the expectations of you at this facility to enable you to make an informed employment decision. Almost everything presented on this website is presented in general form, therefore, if you have additional questions or concerns which are not answered within this website, please email them to [email protected] so you can get a complete and satisfactory answer in which to base your decision.

Operating Philosophy

Although relatively small by lower 48 States standards,Tra Trail Lake Adventures (TLA) which includes Trail lake Lodge (TLL) and the Kenai Penninsula Learning Center, is one of the largest physical business structures within several miles of Moose Pass. Typical total employment during the peak (Summer) season averages 20-25 total employees. The Lodge is owned and managed primarily by Dave Fulton. Our philosophy is to operate this business in a manner that first values the Customer, making their needs one of the highest priorities of the business. As employers, our focus is one that demonstrates respect for the employee as a person; recognizes the talents of the individual in a team oriented system; that fosters trust, confidence and openness with fellow employees; and that offers challenge, opportunity and rewards for hard work and exceptional performance. Most of our current and past employees will attest that the Lodge employment atmosphere is similar to a family environment. We enjoy our work and like to have fun while working. We want our employees to enjoy themselves as well-both on and off the job.

Our business is largely a service business. Customers have several choices on the Kenai Peninsula regarding where they want to stay or eat. One of our primary goals is to serve our customers so well that they will want to continue to do their business with us again, and share the positive experience they had at Trail Lake Lodge with their family and friends both in and outside of Alaska. Like any business, it is essential for us to make a profit in order to remain in business. Therefore, we all have a “stake” in this business because our customers’ opinion of us and our service to them will largely be determined by how well each of us works to build quality, goodwill and satisfaction into our services.

Customer satisfaction requires a real team effort, and we must remember that it is our customers who decide whether or not we remain in business. We must constantly look for ways to improve quality, value and service to the customer. Without satisfied customers there can be no profits – without profits there can be no business or jobs for any of us. If you are not a team-oriented individual, there is probably no need for you to read further.

As customers, each of us knows the disappointment we feel and the negative attitude we develop when we purchase a product that failed to meet our expectations. We must create a positive opportunity by efficiently delivering quality services to our customers everyday. Each employee, regardless of their position at Trail Lake Lodge, must project a positive attitude in the presence of our customers at all times. The customer truly is Number One where we are all concerned, and our primary objective must be to give them a dining or vacation experience that they will always remember positively.

I expect the best from everyone employed with TLA. I am proud of the work we do and the enthusiasm and loyalty we have at Trail Lake Adventures. We believe that if you are hired, in a very short time you too will share this pride, and will find your experience here in Moose Pass to be a very positive and memorable one.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Trail Lake Adventures continued success depends on its ability to hire and employ highly qualified and skilled people. Trail Lake Adventures, LLC d/b/a Trail Lake Lodge is an equal opportuniity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, physical or mental disability, marital status, pregnancy or parenthood. This policy applies to all personnel practices including recruitment, selection, placement, transfers, training, and development, promotions, compensation practices, layoffs, terminations, benefits, and other conditions and privileges of employment.

Trail Lake Adventures, LLC is committed to Affirmative Action to ensure all employees’ equal employment opportunities. Successful affirmative action requires searching out problem areas and adopting programs on an ongoing basis to further the Company’s efforts to provide equal opportunity.

Getting Around the Kenai Peninsula

We recognize the value and importance of time off to each of our employees. Every effort is made to schedule employees two consecutive days off each week with few, if any, exceptions.

Most of our employees travel to Alaska from somewhere in the lower 48 States and typically arrive by major airlines into Anchorage, 95 miles north of Moose Pass. Therefore, most of our employees do not have an automobile at their disposal while working in Moose Pass. Seward, Alaska is a beautiful 30 mile drive south from our location. Cooper Landing, Alaska is 17 miles to our West. Both of these communities are very tourist-oriented and offer much to do in the way of recreation. Employees needing an occasional change of scenery find typical restaurants, bars, a movie theatre, larger grocery stores, guided outdoor activities and clubs in each of these towns. A shuttle van generally makes the trip to Seward once a each week in the summer season. Employees are always welcome to ride along at no charge and at their discretion. Other options often used by employees include bike riding, hitch-hiking (not encouraged by Lodge management), and sharing rides with co-workers and friends they have made in Moose Pass.

Trail Lake Lodge is in a remote area without any nearby or convenient medical facilities. The nearest medical facilities, a hospital and clinics, are located 30 miles south of Moose Pass in the town of Seward. There are volunteer ambulance services both in the town of Cooper Landing as well as in Moose Pass. The city of Anchorage of course, has the extensive medical services available and is located 95 miles north of our lodge. In case of extreme emergency, our property is considered the certified area helicopter landing sight for medical emergencies.

Employment Conditions

The Summer tourism season typically begins in mid-May and extends through much of September and possibly into October. Our Summer positions start in early to mid May. Your chances of being hired are better if you are available to begin employment by mid-May, and if you can be available to work through the month of September. Consider your availability dates carefully. Alaska labor law requires a written Employment Contract, signed by both the employer and the employee, with all Alaska employees regardless of their primary residence. Therefore, the availability dates you specify will become a written part of your employment contract and provide the basis for monetary bonuses and deposit refunds. Employees departing prior to their contracted dates are not eligible for mentary bonuses nor deposit refunds.

Age Requirements

Out-of-state employees must be 18 years of age or older upon reporting for work at Trail Lake Lodge. Wait-service & bartending personnel must be 21 years of age or older and have completed and alcohol management class (paid for by the company) in order to serve alcoholic beverages in the State of Alaska. All applicants must have a legal right to work in the United States and provide appropriate documentation supporting this as required under law before beginning employment. If you are given an offer of employment by this company, these requirements will be reviewed with you at that time to ensure your complete understanding before traveling to Alaska.

This general employment description is neither a guarantee of employment nor an employment contract for any specific period of time or specific type of work. If hired, your assignments and continued employment depend primarily upon your satisfactory performance and our determination of the need for your services. Either the employee or Trail Lake Adventures, LLC may terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason. You are considered to be on probationary status the first 30 calendar days of your employment.

Positions Available:

-Line Cook-

Job Description:

Prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for a pub-style menu. Assist with food prep, stocking, and general kitchen duties. 

Typical Job Duties:

  • Prepare meals, maintaining quality and consistency.

  • Prepare buffet meals for group events.

  • Maintain highest health/safety standards.

  • Maintain cost controls / ensure minimum waste.

  • Assist in inventory control and stocking.

  • Perform general kitchen cleaning and janitorial duties.

  • Work with front of house staff to ensure exceptional customer experiences.

  • Assist in serving group events.


  • Previous food & beverage experience.

  • Knowledge of proper food handling and health codes.

  • Ability to operate standard kitchen equipment safely.

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds.


-Prep Cook / Kitchen Assistant-

Job Description:

Prepare food stocks for daily menu and catering events. Perform general cleaning duties.

Typical Job Duties:

  • Perform all tasks in accordance with health code standards.

  • Prepare basic food stocks and bakery goods.

  • Prepare and serve buffet meals for group events.

  • Dishwashing and general kitchen cleaning.

  • Assist in inventory control and stocking.

  • Work with front of house staff to ensure exceptional customer experiences.

  • May include assisting general lodge workers with a variety of tasks throughout the property.


  • Previous food & beverage experience.

  • Knowledge of proper food handling and health codes.

  • Ability to operate standard equipment safely.

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds.


-Server / Bartender- 

Job Description:

Dining room server, bartender, reception desk clerk. Our front of the house staff performs the full range of dining room and bar duties for diners, along with serving as a front desk clerk for lodging guests. 

Typical Job Duties:

  • Greet and welcome guests.

  • Follow all state health codes and alcohol laws.

  • Take guest food and drink orders.

  • Promote sales.

  • Assist kitchen staff with bussing, cleaning, and stocking tasks.

  • Check lodging guests in and out.

  • Cashier using POS and room management systems.

  • Bartending a full bar with wine and draft beer service.


  • Familiar with basic drink mixes preferable, but not required.

  • Knowledge of proper food handling and health codes.

  • Knowledge of Alaska State liquor serving laws and guidelines.

  • Alcohol service training (TAMS) – provided on arrival.

  • Able to provide exceptional customer service while interacting with a wide range of domestic and international travelers.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Ability to lift 35 pounds.


General Lodge Worker

Job Description:

Perform housekeeping duties including cleaning and sanitizing of guest rooms, restroom facilities, and public areas throughout the property. Groundskeeping including landscaping, general maintenance, and light repairs. Lodge workers can expect to be a Jack or Jill of all trades. While primarily a back of the house position, at times you may assist the kitchen and dining room staff as well.

This is a small property, so all our positions are public facing at some point. All duties will include assisting guests with exceptional customer service.

Job Duties:

  • Perform all tasks in accordance with health code standards.

  • Clean & sanitize guest rooms, restrooms, and all public areas.

  • Maintenance of lodge landscaping using basic power and hand tools.

  • Light repairs and facilities maintenance.

  • Coordinate with dining room and kitchen staff to assist with guests’ needs.


  • Focused on exceptional customer service.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds routinely.


Hours of Work

The basic workweek at our facility is considered to be 40 hours. However, this is not a guarantee of hours. Working hours are scheduled by the Facility Manager and/or your individual manager, and the work schedule may change as business conditions change. Our work schedule basically centers around the hours we are open for business which is 7:00 AM until approximately 11:00 PM. Two shifts are required each day to accommodate these business hours.

All hours worked in excess of forty (40) straight-time hours in one work week or more than eight (8) hours in one day will be paid at a rate of one and one-half (1 1/2) times your base hourly rate of pay.

Pay Periods

The payroll period begins at the start of the 1st shift on Monday and runs through the end of the last shift on the following Sunday. You will be paid by check the Friday following the end of the pay period, for work performed the previous two weeks.

Application Procedure

Applicants successfully completing the recruitment process are required to provide their own transportation to and from Anchorage, Alaska if coming in from out of state. You should verify your ability to secure this transportation, along with available dates of arrival & departure before submitting your application to us. During May we will provide transportation from Anchorage to Moose Pass weekly on Wednesday afternoon. You will required to secure your own transportation from Anchorage to Moose Pass if you don’t schedule our transportation on Wednesdays.  There are two bus lines that run scheduled runs daily from Anchoroage with a drop off at Trail Lake Lodge.  Employees who do not complete their employment duration obligation per their individual Employment Contract arrangement will not be provided with return transportation to Anchorage upon their separation from employment.

An online job application is available on this website. Please indicate specific dates of your working availability. Hiring decisions for the upcoming Summer season will begin sometime in January and you will be contacted to inform you of your personal status. There is a strong likelihood that a telephone interview will be conducted at that time. You may fill this application out on line, or print and fax/mail a copy to:

Trail Lake Adventures, LLC
Trail Lake Lodge
P.O. Box 5, Moose Pass, Alaska 99631-0005
Tel: 907-288-3101, Fax: 907-288 3106
Email: [email protected]

Selected applicants for employment will be sent an Employment Contract for their signature, along with all pertinent details outlining what we recommend you bring to make your summer on the Kenai Peninsula most gratifying. Receipt by Trail Lake Adventures, LLC of your signed Employment Contract indicates your acceptance of job position, pay rate, employment dates, and other stated conditions herein. These steps are necessary in this remote region of the United States due to the influx of tourists during the summer and our business need to be able to hire and plan to meet those needs. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Employee Resident Housing

Private and semi-private housing is available on Trail Lake Lodge premises. Employee residence rooms are laid out essentially dormitory style, with a common hallway, common sitting area and shared bathrooms (one Male and one Female). Each room has either one double bed or two twin-size beds, a color television and a desk. Employees are provided towels and bed linens upon start of employment, but are expected to do their own laundry. Shared laundry facilities are also provided at no cost to the employee.  We have a shared WIFI with internet access at no cost to the employees.

Cost: The daily rent for employees in Employee Housing is $9.00 per day for semi-private rooms, and $11.00 per day for a private room. Please note that private rooms may not always be available. This amount will be automatically deducted from your bi-weekly payroll check once you have signed a standard authorization form, An automatic deduction from your paycheck will occur.

Employee Meal Policy

There is a full kitchen, including microwave oven, within the Employee Housing building which is shared by employees living in the employee residence area. This facility gives our employees the choice of either preparing their own meals or eating in the restaurant at a discount to menu pricing. This kitchen is for use by Trail Lake Lodge employees only.

Employees of Trail Lake Adventures, LLC are offered meal options as stated in this policy. If you are an active employee of this company, all soft drinks are provided at no cost to you during your working hours. Food selected from the Trail Lake Lodge menu is sold to all employees on duty at a 50% discount (during their scheduled working hours)and off duty at a 25% discount to the menu price with the required 3% Sales Tax being added after this reduction. Our menus cover delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner meals and are reasonably priced with ample portion sizes. This discount does not apply to friends or family members who are not employees. There can be no discount given for alcoholic beverages.

There is also a small grocery store & deli directly across the street from Trail Lake Lodge.

Personal Appearance & Hygiene

Trail Lake Adventures, LLC considers the personal appearance of each of our employees to be of great importance to our customer’s perception of our business. All employees represent Trail Lake Lodge and their appearance must conform to basic, general standards commonly required in the Food Service and Hospitality Industries. Most of our employees have frequent, direct contact with our customers. For the above reasons, all Trail Lake Adventures employees working at Trail Lake Lodge must be willing to adhere to the following basic Personal Appearance conditions of employment:

Hairstyles must be neat and well groomed at all times and appropriate according to Trail Lake Lodge policy. You may also be asked to wear hair restraints which will be provided if necessary. Male kitchen staff employees may be required to wear facial hair restraints as a condition of employment. Beards or goatees are allowed in most cases, but only if kept neatly trimmed and cropped close to the face.

Female employee hair must be also be styled neatly. You may also be asked to wear hair restraints which will be provided if necessary.

Minimal jewelry may be worn by employees on the job, however it must be appropriate relative to working attire, and not in conflict with any job related safety standards. It is Trail Lake Lodge Food Safety Policy that no member of the kitchen staff may wear exposed watches or jewelry of any kind, including painted fingernails and piercings. The only exception to this policy is Medical Alert necklaces.


Smoking and/or the use of tobacco products on company property is allowed only in designated areas. There is no smoking inside of any of the property buildings. Designated areas include areas outside away from the front lodge entrance doors and not on lodge balconys or motel deck walkways. Cigarette butts may not be thrown on the ground but must rather be disposed of in receptacles designed for this purpose. Employees are required to be respectful of all guests when smoking, and not allow their activity to become a nuisance.

Smoking is not allowed inside of the Employee Residence building but rather in the outdoor areas provided.


If you plan to leave the Company, you are requested to give at least two week’s notice.

You are asked to discuss your decision and your reasons for leaving with your manager or Facility Manager. We are always anxious to know why you have decided to leave the Company and the circumstances that led to your decision. Matters relating to final pay and other personal matters will be arranged at the time of the exit interview.

Drugs in the Workplace

It is against Company policy for employees to be under the influence of, or to use, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess alcohol, narcotics, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, marijuana, or other dangerous drugs collectively referred to as “mood-altering substances” when reporting for work, while working, or while on or about Trail Lake Adventures premises. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary consequences including possible termination and criminal prosecution.

Employees suspected of being under the influence of any mood-altering substances may be required to report to a Company-designated physician or clinic on Company time and at Company expense for a fitness-for-duty examination which may include chemical analysis of urine and/or blood. Employees that refuse to submit to such an examination will be considered in violation of this policy and will be terminated.

Management must notify the appropriate law enforcement agencies where there is reason to believe that an employee, while on or about Trail Lake Adventures premises, is manufacturing, transferring, possessing, or selling mood-altering substances, when the possession of such substance is a crime. Mood altering substances found on company premises, when the possession of such substance is a crime, will be turned over to the local law enforcement agency and may result in criminal prosecution.

When prescribed or over-the-counter drugs affect behavior and performance, you should advise your manager that you are taking such drugs for medical reasons. A medical evaluation may be required. Where such use of drugs adversely affects job performance, it is in the best general interest of you, your co-workers, and the Company that you be temporarily relieved of your job duties.

Reasonable Cause Testing (Drugs & Alcohol)

When there is reasonable suspicion that an employee is under the influence of a mood-altering substance or is otherwise violating the Drug and Alcohol Policy, the employee may be asked by supervisory personnel to report for a drug and alcohol test on Company time and at Company expense.

Employees to be tested will be required to sign a consent form authorizing the test and the release of the results to Trail Lake Adventures, LLC. Employees are advised that the decision to be tested is voluntary. However, if the test is refused, the employee will be considered in violation of the policy and will be terminated. Employees at work who refuse testing will be terminated and sent home with proper transportation.

Medical Aid and/or Lost Time Accidents

All parties involved in a medical aid and/or lost time accident will be tested for the physical presence of drugs and alcohol in their system.


In order to make you feel at home and to help you get to know us, the Company has set up an employee orientation program. This program is designed to give sufficient information to the new employee so that you may quickly become familiar with the overall Company operation as well as Company policies and will be conducted with you prior to your first job assignment.

Violence in the Workplace

It is Trail Lake Adventures, LLC’s policy that all employees and anyone with whom they interact in their work have the right to be free from violence. Therefore, any and all acts of violence are strictly prohibited. This policy applies to all employees and is intended to protect any person at or in any way connected with the workplace. Any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and/or criminal prosecution.


If you are a non-temporary full-time employee, your paid vacation eligibility begins one year following your original date of hire, with pro-rated adjustments made for any breaks in service such as leave of absences. One week of vacation pay will be the equivalent of your average weekly earnings for the prior year, less any bonuses paid.



Your full cooperation with the terms and conditions of this Weapons Policy is a condition of your employment and presence on company premises.


Safety is a top priority. Trail Lake Adventures, LLC is committed to providing each employee a safe, healthy working environment. A safe, accident-free facility is important to provide good employee morale and to foster high quality customer products and services. To accomplish our goal, unsafe working conditions should be reported to your manager immediately. There is no job or task so urgent that it must be done in an unsafe manner.

Every employee is required to know and abide by our safety rules and procedures. It is important to Trail Lake Adventures, to you and to your family to work in a safe manner at all times.

Employees must report any and all injuries to their manager immediately. All employees should be familiar with the location of the first aid area in each building and be familiar with the emergency procedures. You must notify the Facility Manager before seeking medical attention for a work-related injury. Remember, no accident is too small to be reported. Even minor injuries are recorded on a “First Report of Injury” form. This procedure is for your benefit and protection. Additional details regarding our safety policies are provided during your orientation.

Sanitation & Food Safety

It is our purpose to operate this facility in a sanitary manner. The highest sanitation standards are to be maintained daily from the kitchen to the guest rooms and all areas in between. Our goal is to produce and deliver prepared food and beverage products of the highest quality, free of contamination. Sanitation and Food Safety is everyone’s job and is everyone’s responsibility. Sanitation should be integrated into every task performed. at this facility and by every employee/manager. Both our employees and our customers benefit when this is accomplished. No employee, including Lodge Managers, are exempt from participating in cleaning activities.