Groups at Trail Lake Lodge

Our Pavilion provides a fantastic setting to host retreats whether they be something like a yoga/wellness/creative retreats, corporate retreats or reunions, etc.

We can provide three meals a day and organize daily outings for a group geared toward the type of adventure they would like to have. For example: a yoga/wellness retreat may want to go on a hike to a beautiful over look or lakefront and have lunch and spend some time doing yoga there before coming back down to a nice healthy dinner and relaxing evening ending the day with yoga on the lawn under the midnight sun.

Or a reunion of a bunch of old Devil Dogs might rather sit on a drift boat and drink beer and catch fish all day and return to have a big burger and whiskey on the rocks and share war stories and reminisce about the good ol’ days.

Or a company may want to get out of the city for a bit and have a team building getaway where they do half day educational adventures such as a SeaLife Center or Zipline Tour and then come back together to do team building activities here at the lodge free from outside distraction and have dinner together before retiring for the evening.

We also are open to hosting Baby Showers, birthday parties, Anniversary celebrations and more!