By now, most everyone knows how great fishing in Alaska is. The centralized location of Trail Lake Lodge is home to some of the best guides and charters on the Kenai Peninsula, so it can be challenging to narrow them down if you’ve never been here. Avid anglers often want to just “figure it out,” but let’s face it, unless these are your stomping grounds, maximizing your opportunities for a trophy fish or a massive bounty isn’t as easy as just tossing a few lines. On the other hand, inexperienced thrill-seekers simply want to know where to start while they’re still learning about fishing in Alaska. To help with the decision-making process, we’d like to share three of our favorite guided fishing options available at Drifter’s Lodge in Cooper Landing.

A Guided Alaska Fishing Charter at Drifters Lodge

Ocean Fishing

alaska fishing adventuresDrifter’s Lodge sits between the Cook Inlet and The Gulf of Alaska, which are arguably the best saltwater fisheries in the state. A private Alaska fishing charter can be provided for those who want a more exclusive fishing experience, otherwise larger vessels are available for anglers who don’t mind sharing the boat with 10-15 other people. Whether you’re seeking a plentiful number of halibut or a more diverse collection of salmon, rockfish, and ling-cod, this excursion will not disappoint. On top of that, these Alaskan fishing guides often follow the same routes as the sightseeing boats, giving you an all-over view of the amazing ocean scenery. 

Trophy Rainbow Trout

Understandably, most people think of salmon when they go on an Alaskan fishing trip, but there is also a healthy population of trophy rainbow trout, making it a premier destination for trout anglers worldwide. Since many of these rainbows are native, resident species, they spend most of their life eating, mating, and growing. Thanks to mindful conservation practices, such as catch and release, these beautiful specimens continue to thrive, providing endless memories for all who engage them. 

Fly Fishing

The Kenai Peninsula is so well known for its ocean fish that sometimes people forget about the multitude of excellent inland fly fishing opportunities here. The fishing guides in Cooper Landing know all the secret eddies and holes where trophy fish dwell and will have no reservations sharing them with you in order to ensure you have a story to tell for the rest of your life. While you won’t soon forget this adventure, be sure to bring a camera, because there is a good chance you’ll be catching a personal best. 

Alaska Fishing Trips on the Kenai Peninsula

Black Friday Fly Fishing DealsThe shores of Trail Lake have served as a landing point for adventurers far and wide for nearly a century. With 22 rooms, a lakeside pavilion, a floatplane dock, and plenty of food and beverages, Trail Lake Lodge has everything you need to set up shop in one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

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